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FaxSkape Fax Server for SMB or Enterprise

The perfect fax server companion for Exchange, Lotus and SMTP servers.


About FaxSkape for SMB or Enterprise

GoldBolt Software FaxSkape Fax Server is the all-in-one fax and messaging solution that makes sending and receiving faxes a simpler and cheaper process with a very low cost investment. FaxSkape eliminates all the problems of manual faxing including physically printing documents, walking to the fax machine, waiting for the fax to go through, trying again in case of a busy line etc... All this can now be done from the client machine by just using the email client or the FaxSkape fax client.

With more than 10 years experience in developing fax messaging software, GoldBolt Software FaxSkape Fax Server has been developed from the ground up using high-quality proprietary technologies for security, efficiency and reliability. The benefits are immediately noticeable; less time is spent on physically sending, collecting and distributing faxes while reducing costs and paper waste by saving all faxes in various digital formats such as PDF, TIFF or also as email attachments.

How can FaxSkape help you?

  • Immediate reduction in material and overall fax related costs.
  • Fax over the internet at no cost using standard SIP/T.38 or directly to other FaxSkape Fax Servers with the proprietary FaxSkape over IP module.
  • Eliminate unnecessary time spent at the fax machine.
  • Much easier to send faxes than using a manual fax machine.
  • Compose professional looking faxes with no skewing problems of manual fax machines.
  • No more paper jams.
  • Reduced paper consumption.

Start benefiting today!

Start benefiting with the GoldBolt FaxSkape for SMB or Enterprise solution today by downloading your 15-day free trial version.

Download trial version now.

Take a tour of the major features at a glance.

Fax over IP. Fax over the internet at no cost using standard SIP/T.38 or directly to other FaxSkape Fax Servers with the FaxSkape over IP add-on module.
Barcode Reader. Scan incoming faxes for major barcodes types including Code128, Code39 and EAN with the Barcode add-on module.
Barcode Writer. Write custom Code128 or Code39 barcodes on outgoing fax pages with the Barcode add-on module.
Fax enable your business. Benefits businesses and enterprises by enabling users to send faxes from the comfort of their desk.
Dialogic Diva support. Supports major popular Dialogic Diva Server boards and Diva SoftIP Fax over IP (FoIP) solutions.
LDAP Integration. Integrate with multiple Microsoft® Exchange/Lotus and major mail servers via Lightweight Directory Protocol (LDAP).
CAPI Support. Supports major CAPI compliant boards and software CAPI-compatible Fax over IP (FoIP) solutions.
Integrated mail server. FaxSkape is also an integrated SMTP/POP3 mail server with Smarthost and DNS/MX forwarding capabilities.
Send/Receive SMS. Enables users to send and receive SMS messages from centralized company GSM devices directly from their desk.
Automatic reports. Always keep up to date with your finances by letting FaxSkape generate automatic fax reports and receive them on your mail client.
Flexible fax delivery. Distribute incoming faxes to the correct user with advanced routing rules based on DID, Caller ID and even Barcode recognition.
HIPAA Compliance. Assists with HIPAA compliance. Read more.

GoldBolt FaxSkape Technical Specifications

Detailed Features
  • Barcode reader. Incoming faxes are scanned for major barcodes types including Code128, Code39 and EAN all with the built-in, in-house developed, barcode recognition module.
  • Barcode writer. Incoming faxes are scanned for major barcodes types including Code128, Code39 and EAN all with the built-in, in-house developed, barcode recognition module.
  • Fax over IP (FoIP) Support. FaxSkape supports Fax over IP using the build-in FaxSkape over IP module. Fax over IP is also supported by purchasing third party Dialogic or XCAPI software modules. FaxSkape integrates with your existing IP PBX or FoIP T.38 gateway to send and receive faxes over the internet for least cost routing or over the existing LAN infrastructure for server room relocation using a T.38 gateway such as Cisco.
  • Automatic reporting. Generate professional looking statistical reports for your user's daily, weekly, monthly or yearly fax usage and also receive them automatically in your inbox.
  • Line mapping. Take control of your fax lines and let only specific users or departments use specific fax lines.
  • Scheduling. Flexible fax scheduling including specific time scheduling and time-window scheduling. This allows your users full flexibility and peace of mind that their faxes will be taken care of.
  • Print and Fax. Send faxes from any application from any machine on the network by printing to the Print and Fax virtual printer driver. Recipient information is taken from the print job itself.
  • Recipient database. Keep a database of fax recipients for use on coverpages and more.
  • HIPAA Compliance. Assists with HIPAA compliance. Read more.
  • Improved mail server. FaxSkape has a built-in SMTP/POP3 mail server with full SMTP MX record smarthost routing.
  • Unlimited fax and SMS lines. The GoldBolt Software FaxSkape Fax Server is an efficient, scalable and rock-solid multi-line fax and SMS server. There are no extra costs for additional lines.
  • LDAP integration. With the built-in LDAP integration, the FaxSkape Fax Server can integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Mdeaon and any LDAP enabled mail server for automatic user import.
  • Send and receive faxes using any email client. Send and receive faxes and SMS messages using any mail client including Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Faxes can also be sent easily using the FaxSkape Fax Client.
  • Lightning fast fax retrieval. Using any web browser, a client can access all the respective archived fax jobs and also the current queued fax jobs. The in-built HTTP server offers support for all browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
  • Incredible support. Support for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010, Lotus Domino, Mdeamon and compatible mail servers. Virtually any mail server can be used.
  • Developed using the latest technologies. The GoldBolt Software FaxSkape Fax Server has been developed from the ground up using the latest development technologies such as the Microsoft .NET framework which increases security and maintainability while at the same time reducing development time.
  • Advanced automated incoming fax routing. The GoldBolt Software FaxSkape Fax Server can automatically route incoming faxes and SMS messages using the advanced routing rules feature included, which allows very flexible conditional routing based on Caller ID, DID, total pages, received time, CSID/TSID and more. With this feature, rules can also be added to catch and route spam (junk) faxes and SMS messages to a specific mailbox.
  • SMS messaging. Users can send and receive SMS messages easily from their email client which allows for messages to be quickly sent to work colleagues while out of the office. SMS messages are sent using an SMS capable GSM mobile or device connected using a COM port interface to the fax server. This feature eliminates the time wasted using the mobile phone keypad which is very time consuming.
  • Environment aware. There is no need to print any faxes since all faxes are archived in digital format. This reduces paper waste while reducing the unnecessary cut-down of trees.
  • Outlook Contacts. Send faxes using the Outlook address book Business Fax entries when using Exchange server supported by the built-in proprietary TNEF converter which does not need MAPI installed.
Technical Specifications
  • Supports ITU-T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) with the built-in FaxSkape over IP module or by interfacing with third party drivers.
  • TIA/EIA-578/592 (ITU-T.31/T.32) Asyncronous Service Class 1/1.0/2/2.0 fax modem driver with Error Correction Mode (ECM) support. Fax data is sent with Modified Huffman (MH) compression only.
  • Internal support for Group 3 Modified Huffman (MH), Modified Read (MR) and Modified Modified Read (MMR) compressed TIFF formats.
  • Fully compliant Common ISDN API (CAPI) driver developed purely with .NET for maximum compatibility.
  • Very efficient and robust multi-threaded core engine design for efficient use of multiple processors or multi-core processors.
  • Minimal native and unsafe code usage. All unsafe code is sandboxed for security and efficiency.
  • In-house developed TIFF to PDF format conversion engine to produce minimal sized PDF files for space efficiency.
  • Highly optimized image processing and color conversion technology with advanced dithering for professional looking faxes.
  • All printer drivers use gray scaling and color internally before conversion to monochrome for great looking fax images. The image conversion does not rely on the Windows halftoning engine which does not produce great looking images.
  • Auto-adaptable SMS modem driver which makes it compatible with a wide range of SMS devices to send SMS messages. Both PDU and Text modes are supported.

What's new in FaxSkape 8

  • Latest Technology. Now using the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 specification.
  • Configuration Interface. The server configuration interface has been improved and simplified.
  • Barcode Writer. In addition to the Barcode reader, a new Barcode Writer module has been added to render barcodes with custom data on outgoing fax pages. Major barcode types supported include Code128 and Code39.
  • FaxSkape over IP. Improved and simplified Fax over IP configuration while also fixing many issues to increase compatibility.
  • User Portal. The user portal web interface has been re-written for increased functionality which includes sending faxes from the web browser and mobile-aware user interface for on-the-go operation.
  • Archive. Archive item can now be deleted on resend, new archive backups & deletion scheduling functionality and folder grouping by year and month.
  • Routing. Incoming faxes can now be matched back to configured recipients and stored data used to identify the sender.
  • LDAP. Multiple LDAP servers can now be configured.
  • Coverpages. Improved user filtering for coverpage selection.
  • Image Conversion. Improved fax image conversion rendering engine including more dithering options and real-time color conversion calibration.
  • Language Packs. This version of FaxSkape is introducing new language packs which can be downloaded and installed separately. These will be available in the download section.
  • More Enhancements and Fixes. The new FaxSkape Fax Server has a lot more enhancements and fixes than listed here including more queue checking of locked files, faster queueing, faster configuration store and many internal fixes.

Goldbolt FaxSkape - Beginner's Guide

1. Download and Install FaxSkape

Before you can begin sending and receiving faxes you have to download GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Server from the downloads page. Choose your installer based on the server machine where FaxSkape will be installed. Follow the help on the downloads page to correcly choose your setup file.

After you have downloaded the GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Server setup executable you will have to install it on the target machine. Please follow the following installation guide to help you install FaxSkape:

Installing FaxSkape Step-by-Step

For the purpose of this document, we recommend that you also install the GoldBolt FaxSkape client included in the server setup build. This will make it easier to send your first fax.

Now that you have installed the product you need to set up FaxSkape to your needs. Here you can find help on how to configure your fax devices or Fax over IP provider and how to get started on sending/receiving faxes.

2. Configure your first user

The first time the FaxSkape Fax Server configuration is started, it will ask you to create a new user. Enter the email address and the name for the new user. The email address can be any valid email address since FaxSkape is in itself a mail server. We recommend that you set up as many fields as possible for the new user since the new user will be set up as the FaxSkape administrative user.

An administrative user can view all faxes of the system and also use special features. This user will also be set as the default user to receive all faxes that are not routed to anyone else.

For more information on how to add and configure FaxSkape users, please go to the following page:

Configuring FaxSkape users

After creating the first FaxSkape user, you will need to set up your fax devices.

3. Configure your fax devices

The FaxSkape configuration will ask you to set up at least one fax device if no fax devices are set up. GoldBolt FaxSkape supports many types of fax devices including analog fax modems, ISDN cards and intelligent fax boards. Software faxing is also supported including Fax over IP using T.38 and FaxSkape proprietary IP faxing.

The following articles will help you set up and configure your device:

Installing fax modems

Which Dialogic/Eicon fax devices are supported?

GoldBolt FaxSkape over IP module

After you have configured your fax devices, the configuration is complete. You can now start sending your first fax.

4. Sending your first fax

If in step 1 above you have installed the GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Client, you can use this to send your first fax.

Using your favourite application, make a document and print it to the FaxSkape Fax Client printer driver. After some seconds, the GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Wizard will be shown. Using the Fax Wizard you can set up and send a fax to a fax number. The following document illustrates step-by-step how to send a fax using the fax wizard:

Sending a fax with the send fax wizard

5. Receiving faxes

The GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Server will automatically receive faxes and route/forward the faxes as emails to the respective FaxSkape users. Received faxes are also archived.

To check for received faxes, the FaxSkape users can log in to the FaxSkape in-built web server hosting a personal area. In the personal area the user can find all his archived received faxes and also his archived sent faxes.

Can I check faxes via the web?

Connecting to user area from browser

You can also download received faxes as mails using a normal mail client, for example, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. The GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Server is also a mail server supporting POP3 for mail download thus any mail client supporting POP3 is supported.

6. More advanced features

The GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Server includes much more features and ways to send and receive faxes. The following links will help you on how to set up other features of FaxSkape:

Configuring FaxSkape with Exchange 2000/2003

Configuring FaxSkape with Exchange 2007/2010

Configuring the POP3 downloader

Configuring FaxSkape with an external mail server

Enabling support for Outlook Business Fax contacts

Click on the thumbnails to show in full size and description.

GoldBolt FaxSkape Minimum System requirements

Operating Systems Supported
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 R2
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 SP2
Microsoft® Windows® 10
Microsoft® Windows® 8
Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1
Microsoft® Windows® Vista SP 2
Hardware Requirements
1.8GHz Dual Core processor or faster
2GB of RAM or more
50MB of free hard disk space for application and at least 10GB for working space.
(Software RAID systems not recommended on working hard drive due to high disk usage)
Microsoft® DirectX® 9 compatible graphics card or above
100Mbps Network card (Wi-Fi not supported)
Fax Hardware
External fax modem or multi-fax-modem cards
CAPI compatible fax ISDN cards
Dialogic (ex-Eicon) Diva Server fax cards
SMS Hardware
Any COM port connected external GSM modem or mobile

GoldBolt FaxSkape for SMB or Enterprise Pricing

Pricing for FaxSkape cannot be simpler! All you need to know is the number of users that are going to work with the software. The number of users for a license is calculated from the total number of persons using the fax service. For example, a 50 user license gives the license holder the ability to use the software for a maximum of 50 persons. To calculate the base price for one fax server, multiply the number of users by the unit band price.

When you buy a FaxSkape license, you get the complete package with all standard features without add-ons. The FaxSkape fax server also includes support for unlimited fax lines and sms lines which means that there are no licensing restrictions on the number of fax and SMS lines installed thus no additional costs are involved.

5-9 users
10-19 users
20-34 users
35-49 users
50-99 users
100-249 users
250-499 users
500-749 users
Unlimited users
Main Price Per User
Additional users
Version upgrade
1. All prices shown are exclusive of tax.
2. Pricing is indicated per user unless otherwise stated.
3. Licensing includes unlimited fax and SMS lines.


GoldBolt FaxSkape Add-On Module Pricing

Additional add-on modules are available for the GoldBolt FaxSkape Fax Server. These include the FaxSkape over IP module (FoIP SIP/T.38) and the Barcode Reader/Routing module.

5-9 users
10-19 users
20-34 users
35-49 users
50-99 users
100-249 users
250-499 users
500-749 users
Unlimited users
FaxSkape over IP module
Barcode module
1. All prices shown are exclusive of tax.
2. Pricing is indicated per user unless otherwise stated.
3. Barcode module is not calculated on a per user basis.
4. Total channel limit of 32 on SIP/T.38/G.711 lines. Contact sales if more are needed.

Additional users

If you need to upgrade your license since you need to add more users working with the fax server, you have to purchase additional users. You must have a valid Maintenance Contract to be entitled to purchase additional users. You will need to supply your current license key after which you will receive a new license key with the original number of users plus the additional users purchased. Additional costs to cover the additional users are as follows:

  • Add 20% to the additional users price to cover the additional users in your Maintenance Contract.
  • Add the cost of the additional users for any add-on modules you may have.

Version upgrade

If you are not in possession of a Maintenance Contract and you want to upgrade your current version to a newer version, you can purchase the new version at a reduced price. To be entitled for the version upgrade prices, you will need to supply your current license key after which you will receive a new license key with the original number of users for the new version of the product.


Software Maintenance Contract

We highly recommend a Maintenance Contract which includes free upgrades and free email support. A Maintenance Contract is a yearly agreement and thus it can only be purchased per year or in bulk as a multiple of 1 year.

1 Year Software Maintenance Contract
Yearly Price
20% of non-discounted full price
1. All prices shown are exclusive of tax.
2. As a limited time special offer, a one-year free Maintenance Contract is included with every new purchase, which offer cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.


Pricing Terms and Conditions

FOB (End User) Internet excluding all taxes: All taxes such as royalty taxes, levies, duties, sales tax and VAT must be added to our prices and paid by the end users in their respective markets. Delivery of our software is done electronically and is activated by means of a license key.

Refund Policy

GoldBolt Software does not accept product returns. By purchasing one of our products you agree that you have tried the full featured evaluation version of said product on the deployment hardware and confirmed that product works satisfactory. Our products have an evaluation period of 15 days for you to 'try before you buy'. Feel free to contact us before purchasing the product if you need more time for evaluation or with any pre-sales questions you might have.

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