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Become a GoldBolt Authorized Reseller

Become a GoldBolt Authorized Reseller

Participating in the GoldBolt Software partner program for reselling our products has many benefits and advantages including:

  • Discount margin based on performance
  • Priority access to technical support via email
  • Access to free version (NFR) software for your internal use
  • Access to pre and post sales support
  • Inclusion in our website as an authorized reseller
Partner requirements

To qualify as a partner we ask you to:

  • Mention our product(s) on your website and identify yourself as a Goldbolt reseller
  • Be able to offer pre-sales advice to customers
  • Target to sell at least one copy of one of our products per 3 months (Basic Partner)
  • Have our products installed and configured to familiarize yourself with the software
Partner levels

The Partner program consists of the following levels based on cooperation type, commitment and achievements:

Basic Partner - Authorized Reseller
The starting level for partners. Minimum quarterly sales level, 1 product per quarter
Premium Partner - Authorized Premium Reseller
For partners who actively sell FaxSkape fax server and make regular sales. Minimum quarterly sales level, 3 products per quarter
Distribution Partner - Authorized Distributor
For partners who wish to distribute software to other resellers. Minimum average monthly sales level to be discussed

Joining the partner program

You can apply to become our partner by clicking here.

We will send you the logo of Authorized Reseller and your NFR for your internal use as soon as you apply online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions if you need more information.

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